Stella & Grayson: 10 & 11 Month Update


I think I was in denial that the babies turned 10 months. Double digits. I totally avoided doing their 10 month update, so I decided to combine 10 and 11 because somehow we’re already 11 months into this thing. So buckle up.


Stella and Grayson have been a ton of fun. Their personalities are pretty much the best thing ever.  They are so different, but they are both insanely awesome. Grayson is our goofy little guy who likes to destroy anything and everything he comes in contact with.  He recently ripped one of the blinds off the sliding glass door shades.  Stella on the other hand is goofy in her own way, and so sweet.  She is the more observant of the two. I have a feeling she will learn to walk simply by watching Grayson, and as a result, have far fewer bruises than him.


I once wrote that it was easier going to other peoples’ houses because it was new scenery for the babies.  I am here to report, that is no longer the case, unless of course where ever we go is baby proofed.  What was once a relaxing event has now turned into following two babies everywhere, and redecorating other peoples houses because our kids get into everything.  Their favorites tend to be, dog water, wires, outlets, and pretty much anything else you wouldn’t want a baby to get into.  We still go places because we think it’s important to socialize them a lot, but it has become a tad more challenging.


On the socialization front, I would say we can give ourselves a pat on the back (so far).  Our babies seem to be very well adjusted and really enjoy hanging around other people.  There have only been a handful of times Stella or Grayson don’t want to be held by someone else.  For the most part, they are really friendly babies which makes me really happy.



10 Monthspumkpin-patch-10-months-063          11 Months11-month-pictures-435

Likes: Dancing. This girl is seriously so funny. She absolutely loves music and dancing.  Her favorite song, the one she and I always dance to, is Roses by The Chainsmokers.   Eating. More on that later though. Waving bye to Daddy. Most mornings the babies and I stand at the ottoman and wave bye to Nick as he goes to work. It is one of those little things that is so simple, but makes me so happy.  Clapping. Just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Melts my heart every time.  Peek-a-boo.  Stella uses any chance she gets to play peek-a-boo.  She uses shirts, blankets, socks, basically anything she thinks can cover her face, and drops it when I say “peek-a-boo” with the biggest grin.  When I play bite her cheeks. This is one of those things that I do as much as possible because I know she won’t let me do it forever.  The giggles that I get from her when I do this are priceless.  Looking at herself in the mirror.  Stella’s favorite person to look at is still herself. She grins at herself, laughs, gives herself high fives, and kisses the mirror. I hope she always has this positive of self image!


Dislikes: When I close doors or cupboards.  Anytime I close the frig, the cupboards, or doors, Stella has a major breakdown. She whips up real tears and everything.  If I leave the room.  Stella has been going through a major clingy phase, so if I leave the room, or even worse go to the bathroom, she freaks.

“Helping” me plank



10 Monthspumkpin-patch-10-months-038          11 Months11-month-pictures-444

Likes: Untying Nick’s shoes. Just about the funniest things ever.  Grayson likes to untie Nick’s shoes as he’s getting ready to leave for work.  Maybe he’s trying to keep his favorite play buddy home.  Pulling things out of drawers. Anytime I put towels away, Grayson makes it his mission to pull everything out and throw it everywhere. I consider it playing and learning, but Nick and I decided to lock a few drawers so we have clean things when we need them.  Walking. This kid is so proud of himself for learning to walk. He is so cute when he walks around.  Sticking his tongue out.  I think his spirit animal is a puppy. When he’s doing most things, walking, crawling, playing, his tongue is hanging out like a little puppy with a big grin. Those dimples.  Opening and closing the bedroom door. Grayson thinks opening and closing the door to their bedroom is the coolest thing ever. Stella thinks it’s pretty amusing too.  The other night, Nick and I were laying on the bed watching them play peek-a-boo with the door. They were both laughing their heads off.  Blowing raspberries on my belly.  Both babies think it is entertaining to make fart noises on my belly. I figure it’s natures way of making me feel okay with the doughy skin that will probably remain there forever.

I made edible finger paint

Dislikes: When Stella takes a toy from him. Grayson and Stella have started in with the taking things from each other. I mostly just let them figure it out, but I am trying to teach them to not be total dicks to each other because they may be okay with it, but other kids don’t have the same tolerance.  When he accidentally closes the door when the light is off. Poor little guy scares himself so bad when he closes the door.  I run over and open the door and he has a look of genuine fear on his face.  I have since figured out that the foam “G” works well to prevent him shutting himself in.


Eating: These kids can EAT. Stella will eat basically anything I put in front of her.  Grayson tends to be a little more picky recently, but as soon as I force a bite, he quickly realizes that he actually enjoys whatever it is I have given him.  They’re favorites seem to be blueberries, broccoli, and salmon.  I’ve been making them smoothies and fresh juices, and they also really like those, beets, kale, and all. Oh, and of course, pumpkin everything.  I have an amazing pumpkin waffle recipe that the babies, Nick, and I love!

“What blueberries?”

They still really enjoy nursing and they come at me with mouths open when I ask if they want to nurse.  They have started to pull my shirt down when they want to nurse, so I always have to be on guard for that when we are out or have company.

Loving the blueberries

Sleep: Not a lot has changed in this area.  Right when I think we are making some headway, something happens that puts them back to waking a lot.  We have decided to do what works to survive, and hope for the best.   I know that may sound like a terrible plan, but we’re doing what we can, and for now, I am enjoying the sleepy snuggles in the middle of the night.

He has the BEST bedhead


Words: I figure I will want to look back and remember what they were saying at certain times, so I’m adding this in.  Currently they know, “Dada,” “Mama,” “Cat,” and “Dog.”  I had no idea they knew the word dog until we went on a walk with my friend and her two dogs.  I always say “dog” when we see them on runs, I just hadn’t realized it stuck.


Overall, the last 2 months have been my absolute favorite so far.  Everyday seems to bring new cute, fun things they learn, and I can’t believe how much fun we’ve been having.  I would like time to go ahead and slow down a little though, because I’m not ready to have 1 year olds.






4 thoughts on “Stella & Grayson: 10 & 11 Month Update

  1. Stella and Grayson are absolutely beautiful babies. I love seeing these updates and their fast growth. Each point in their life is unique and I appreciate you sharing this. Adore the photos!


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