Stella & Grayson: 9 Month Update


I’m going to be honest, this month was HARD.  There were times I questioned whether I could get through the day or not.  With the intense hard times, though also came intensely happy times.  This month was full of family and friends, which made all the hard times a little easier to get through.

First time swimming! Stella loved it.

The rate at which these babies are growing up is truly astonishing and slightly terrifying.  Stella now has 7 teeth and Grayson has 3 almost 5.  They are both crawling maniacs and Grayson is walking along the wall and couch, so I assume he will be walking soon.  Stella is pulling herself up to standing, but hasn’t started to skirt around the couch or wall yet, but it’s only a matter of time.


While Nick’s dad was in town, he helped us baby proof because there is nothing like 2 mobile babies to show you that there are SO many things wrong with the living room. We bought an ottoman for our shoes because I was grossed out by the babies chewing on them any time I took an eye off of them.  The ottoman also acts as a barrier to the entry way.  We got a gate that blocks the only exit from the living room (once they can climb the couch we’re screwed), and we covered the fireplace with a board because the babies loved to get sooty fingerprints everywhere.  We also locked all the doors on our entertainment center, and moved Nick’s XBox because Grayson loved to turn it off and on, and we figured it would eventually mess with the functionality.  It’s hilarious how quickly the babies try to make their grand escape when the gate is not in place.  The second they see it’s open, they cease their opportunity and turn on their turbo speed.  It’s impressive how quick they’ve become.

Thanks for helping us baby proof!



I must say, this picture is a decently accurate depiction of how we all felt about month 9

Likes: Army crawling.  While Stella can get up on her knees to crawl, if she is trying to go fast she sometimes tips forward.  If she sees the need to be extra quick, she resorts to her tried and true army crawl.  And let me tell you, she’s super quick with it.  Grayson.  We catch Stella laughing at something Grayson is doing so much.  It makes me tear up because it’s so sweet that she obviously loves her brother.  Food.  This girl can EAT (she must have gotten that from her mama).  Basically anything I give her she eats.  We haven’t found any off limits foods yet, although she did have a topical reaction to hummus the other night, but we think it’s because there is a lot of lemon juice in it.  Dancing.  Stella is a party animal.  I knew she loved music and jumping around, but then at her Grandpa & Grandma’s wedding, we found out how much she LOVES to dance.  She flails her arms, kicks her legs, and cheers the entire time.  After their wedding she was actually hoarse a few days.  Again, she must take after her mama.  Looking in the mirror.  Stella is hilarious when I let her look t herself in the mirror.  She cheers and smiles at the girl in the mirror and loves to give her high fives.  Our mirrors are perpetually dirty in this household, but I’m completely okay with that.

She’s a master at “deer in the headlights”

Dislikes: When I take something away from her.  It’s interesting seeing them throw mini fits when I take something from them.  I know it’s likely to only get worse, but I try to just ignore it, as to not feed into that behavior.  Going to sleep.  Every night when I walk out of the room, Stella protests for a few seconds.

Party Stella out to play!



Between trying to crawl off, and trying to eat his sticker, this was the best picture I could get.

Likes: High fives.  While we were at my parent’s house for our wedding, my dad taught Grayson how to high five.  It was hysterical.  When someone walks into the room, he demands a high five.  Peanut butter.  I could give this kid spoonfuls of PB and he would be in heaven. Walks/Runs.  I have been really good about having a routine with the babies recently and a walk or run is in that routine.  Right around 8 am every morning they know it’s time to get outside and exercise.  It’s one of the most peaceful times of day for these babies, aside from naps.  Pretty girls.  This boy is an ultimate ham.  If there are pretty girls around he really turns up the cuteness.  We’re talking big grin and giggles.  Which means he loved meeting his aunties from NY.  Pulling himself up.  Grayson is never as proud of himself as he is when he pulls himself to standing.  He pulls himself up and looks back with a huge grin to make sure whoever is in the room saw him.  Touching his ears.  This month Grayson started to rub his ears while he’s falling asleep.  I was worried at first because I thought maybe he had an infection, but when we went to the doctor (for an unrelated issue) they checked his ears.  No infection, just a lot of ear wax.  Playing guitar.  If I pull out my guitar to play, Grayson is right there waiting for his turn.


Dislikes:  If I’m nursing Stella in front of him.  Grayson doesn’t even have to be hungry, but if he sees that I’m nursing Stella he has a complete meltdown.  If he can see me and I’m not entertaining him.  This kind of goes for both babies.  If I’m in the room they really want to be interacting, which is fun, until I need to do something.  I’ve learned to not let them see me while I’m doing anything around the house.  Does this require that I crawl behind the couch in order to avoid them seeing me?  Yes, yes it does.

Gray being goofy as ever while meeting one of his aunts

Eating: As I mentioned before, the babies really love eating.  I am trying my best to make a bunch of different flavors of food to expose them to new things.  They eat whatever we eat for the most part, but this month they did eat a lot of baby food pouches because we were on the go a lot.  Some things that I was surprised they like (and didn’t hurt their tummies) were coconut curry chicken, and chili.  Both were new to me recipes that were super yummy, and the babies devoured it.

Grayson and Stella love their cousins

Nursing still continues to be the bulk of their nutrition and will continue to be until about a year, and all is going well on that front.  They are still distracted as ever, but I’m getting used to it.  The other night when both the babies woke up, I went in to nurse them and Grayson sleepily unlatched and was trying to find me.  Instead, he found Stella’s pinky and began to suck it.  He was so confused and there I was trying not to laugh too loud.

I promise they like it, they’re just too relaxed

Sleep:  I haven’t written much about sleep for the past few posts because it was something I just didn’t even want to talk about.  Around 7 months, we started to get them falling asleep in their crib without us in the room.  It was going really well and they were sleeping a good portion of the night in their crib.  They were down to waking about 3 or 4 times a night, which I could handle.  Then, Grayson learned how to go from laying on his tummy to sitting up.  It wreaked absolute havoc on all the progress we had made, so back to the swings they went.  They were still waking about 3-4 times a night at that point.


This month, between getting a combined 6 teeth, learning to crawl and stand, and getting off of their normal schedule, their sleep went completely out the window.  There were weeks of nights that I got what felt like 20 minutes of sleep.  They were waking up anywhere from 8-10 times a night.  We tried Tylenol and Motrin, which seemed to take the edge off, but didn’t fix much.  This last week of the month, I was completely exhausted and I felt like giving up.  Because I was so tired, I was highly emotional and easily irritated.  Nick hung out with the babies one morning so I could get some extra sleep, and I tried to nap while they napped, and that really seemed to help.  I’m in a much better place now.  That still doesn’t change the fact that they still aren’t the greatest sleepers though.  For now, I try to remind myself that it will get better eventually…..right?


A random funny story I want to remember:  One day I was at the store with the babies.  I was at self check and needed help.  The lady came to help me and the normal twin conversation ensued.  Then, she was trying to get the babies to smile.  Grayson was grinning and the lady was happy.  Stella was giving her the “Stella face” and the lady looks at me and very seriously says, “This one is glaring at me.”  I was laughing so hard as we left.


As hard as this month was, I still have to say, these babies are so much fun and bring so much happiness to Nick and me.  They are full of energy and character, and it’s so much fun watching them change day to day.


We love you more than anything!


P.S. Check back soon, I’m going to do a detailed recap of our wedding day.


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