Stella & Grayson: 8 Month Update

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In true Chelsa fashion this is super late!  I combined their likes and dislikes because it just seemed like a less daunting task to get this all put together and posted.  Enjoy!


This month was FULL of milestones with the babies. Grayson went from army crawling to full blown on his knees, quick as can be crawling. Stella went from a very elaborate roll and pivot system of moving to crawling. She still uses mostly upper body to get around but is definitely mobile. Stella got her third tooth, and Grayson got his first two!  Both babies are starting to pull themselves up on things. It’s truly amazing to see how they refine their skills each day.


One night I was on the bed with Stella and Nick walked in right as Stella was yelling “Mamamamamama!” He looked at her and said, “Mama?!” Turned and walked out of the room. It was one of the funnier moments of parenting. Grayson is saying, “Dadada,” so I guess they knew we each needed to have our names be the first words.  It’s so cute hearing them babble so much and starting to form words. We don’t think they know who or what they’re talking about yet, but slowly they’ll realize.


With mobility comes the most stressful diaper changes. Diapering has gone from cute and playful to nothing short of a NASCAR pitstop. I try my best to use the power of distraction, but toys are only so interesting when they can touch poop or try to roll off the changing table.


Likes: Grayson loves pulling himself up on things. Unfortunately, he isn’t all that skilled in getting back to the floor so he usually has a few bruises on his forehead.  Grayson also enjoys trying to stand up in the tub.  I have started to use a laundry basket in the tub in order to keep them in a smaller area to avoid disasters, and it has worked really well so far.  Both babies love to pull plugs out.  Baby proofing has started to become necessary.  Stella and Grayson love any toy that is not actually a toy.  They’re completely fascinated with our phones, the remote to the TV, my wallet, the XBOX controllers, and literally anything else we don’t want them to have.  Strawberries.  We went to my cousin’s house for a small get together with a few cousins and their kids.  My cousin’s little girl made it her mission to feed the babies fresh picked strawberries from the garden and the babies loved it!  Instant besties.  Their toothbrushes.  The babies think their toothbrushes are some of the best toys.  I let them “brush” their teeth while I change their diapers and it has been relatively successful in keeping them distracted.  Stella has begun to squirrel away food at the dinner table.  There have been several times Nick has brought Stella to the bath empty handed and the I look and somehow there is broccoli floating in the water.  It only took us a few days to realize she was squirrelling away food in her cheeks.


Dislikes: When I take things away or move them.  They have entered the stage of expressing their dislike when I move them away from things or take things away.  I figure we’ll be in this stage until they move away for college.  When they want more food, but I give them the wrong thing. “Use your words like a big boy, clone.” Sleep.  Why is it that babies hate sleep?  It’s like they don’t realize sleep is basically the best thing ever.


Eating: Not much has changed on this front.  They are loving trying new foods and I’m loving it too.  They are still champion nursers, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.


Sleep: What’s that?  Instead, here’s a cute picture of the babies sleeping together.


This month was so much fun, and I know that every month will just get more and more fun.  I truly thought I would be a mom that loved the newborn stage and miss it so much, but when I see tiny babies now, I don’t miss it at all.  Maybe I just got my fill of squishy newborns because I had two at once.  I like to look at pictures of other peoples’ newborns, but for now, I love all the giggles and interaction we have with our silly pair, and don’t miss the newborn fog.



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