Stella & Grayson: 7 Month Update

On July 5th, after the babies had gone to bed, Nick and I were sitting at the table chatting when it hit me, our babies will be 7 months old tomorrow.  It was the first time I actually cried because time is going so fast.  Up until this point, I always  felt ready to move onto the next phase, but something about them being over a half year old hit me.

7 month 110

This month was easily my favorite month yet.  The babies are so much more interactive and I can already see their personalities coming out.  Stella seems to already have quite the sense of humor, and Grayson is a goofy little guy that will smile at nearly anyone.  Grayson is officially mobile, which has been a huge adjustment.  I can no longer leave anything on the floor.  I walked in one day to find him completely soaked because I had left my water bottle on the ground, across from him.  He’s also spilled an entire cup of my coffee on the carpet, and I was sitting right there with him. Stella is very close to being mobile, but would much prefer to sit and and yell at the top of her lungs (usually happy screams).  She is a master at staring contests, and will flash the slightest little grins that make Nick and I laugh so hard.  After she gets us to laugh, she’ll then give us a huge toothy grin which melts both Nick and me every time.

7 month 027

I have been much more intentional about getting out and making more mommy friends this month, which has been a huge game changer when it comes to my sanity.  Something about hanging out with moms that are going through the same things you are is incredibly comforting.  I was also feeling very down because I don’t have a huge support network here, and making some good mom friends has really helped!  Getting out of the apartment is also super important for the babies.  It seems on the days we don’t get out and do something, they are more cranky, so I aim to get out and do something once a day, even if it is just a walk.


7 month 188

Likes: Dancing.  When I sing to her, or we have music on, Stella will bob her head around and dance.  It’s super adorable.  My favorite move of her’s looks like a penguin trying to “raise the roof.”  Food.  It has been so fun to introduce the babies to food.  Stella has become quite the professional when it comes to feeding herself.  Singing along.  Sometimes when certain songs come on, Stella will “sing” along.  Nick got quite a kick out of it when she was doing it one afternoon.  Making the “Indian” noise.  I’m sure that’s terribly politically incorrect of me to write, but I don’t know what else that’s called.  Anyhow, she loves doing that and has started to use my legs, her toys, and just about anything to yell and make that noise. Dogs.  Both babies have really started to love animals.  They met quite a few dogs this month and loved almost all of them.  They have terrible survival skills because when the dogs bark, they laugh. Good thing the dogs like them back.

7 month 121

Dislikes:  Having her nose wiped.  By her reaction, you would think I’ve never wiped her face in her whole life.  Getting dressed at bedtime.  Maybe I need to start the bedtime routine a little earlier, but when we get them out of the tub, they FREAK OUT when we’re trying to dress them.  Maybe they just want to be nudists.

7 month 104


7 month 200

Likes: Getting into the DVDs.  One of Grayson’s favorite activities is pulling out the DVDs.  He seems to be particularly interested in the Cast Away DVD.  Making fart noises on my legs.  When I am sitting on the ground, Grayson loves to crawl over and blow on my legs and make fart noises.  I get a huge kick out of it, and so does he.  The shoes.  I don’t want to admit how many times I have left the room to do laundry or some other chore and come back to Grayson chewing on shoes.  It’s totally disgusting, and I’ve learned that if he goes from crying, to silent, he’s more than likely in the shoes, so I peek around the corner to check, and move him if necessary.  When I play guitar.  Both babies love when I pull out my guitar and play and sing to them, but Gray seems to REALLY enjoy it.  If I’m sitting on the ground, he will come up and grab for the strings.  Maybe I have a little musician on my hands.

7 month 093

Dislikes:  Sitting still for diaper changes.  Now that Grayson can crawl, diaper changes have become so difficult.  He’s screaming, I’m trying to strap the diaper and get him to stop rolling over.  What used to be one of his favorite activities is now a huge struggle.  Getting dressed.  See above description.

7 month 097

Sleep: Sleep is pretty much the same, but we have started to train the how to put themselves down for naps and nighttime.  They are still up at least 3 times a night, but having them go down on their own, while at first involved many tears on my part and theirs, has been a huge help.  I thought that starting solids would help them sleep longer, but it doesn’t seem to have changed anything, except their poop.



Eating: Nursing is still going very well, besides the fact they are the most distractable children on planet earth.  Breastmilk continues to be their main source of nutrition, but we have officially started solids.  I am doing a mixture of Baby Lead Weaning and purees.  I rarely spoon feed them because Grayson is a monster, and Stella doesn’t like to open up, so they feed themselves most of the time.  I give them small chunks of food that we are eating, and on nights I don’t have dinner ready until after they go down, I give them pouches of food.  Their favorites include, apples, sauteed mushrooms, roasted broccoli, roasted carrots, and steak.  While most of their food ends up on the floor, they do eat some, and really seem to enjoy it.  It’s been a lot of fun introducing them to new foods.

7 month 088

7 month 087

I’d have to say our highlight of the month was going down to Klamath to visit family.  The babies loved their cousins!

7 month 051

7 month 047

7 month 048

7 month 043



3 thoughts on “Stella & Grayson: 7 Month Update

  1. I love your writing. It will mean a lot to you 30 years from now! It is such a gift to look into their eyes and see the little person in there who will some day say and do all those things that make you happy, sad, fearful and proud and full of so much love. Thank you for sharing! You are a beautiful family! And I know you picked it all up from your parents! 🙂


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