Stella & Grayson: 6 Month Update

Happy Half-Birthday, my little munchkins!

May 2016 717

This month, as always, has been even more fun than the last.  That’s not to say there weren’t hard days, but overall, they are becoming so much more interactive by the day and it’s so much fun.  They are smiling and laughing more than ever, which melts my heart.  They have really discovered each other and have started the very beginning of their communication, and it is absolutely hilarious.



May 2016 705

Weight: 15 lbs

May 2016 649

Likes: Roonie.  This month, Stella has become completely fixated on the cat.  She loves laying next to him, pulling his fur out, grabbing his ears, and trying to lick him.  Roonie is a great sport about it all, and has become my official babysitter (but not really).  Sometimes, when I can’t entertain the babies any longer, I call on Roonie.  Blowing bubbles with her spit.  Stella has picked up the habit of buzzing her lips.  She’s also adds a ton of spit to make it a huge mess.  Smiling a me while nursing.  Sometimes when Stella is feeling extra cute, she looks up to me, stops nursing, and gives me the sweetest grin.  Having her cheeks bitten.  Well, this should be filed under my likes, but when I bite her chunky cheeks, I get some of the best giggles.  Grabbing Daddy’s beard.  If Nick bends down to kiss her, she goes right for the beard.

May 2016 629

Dislikes: Sitting still for diaper changes.  The days of easy diaper changes are officially over.  Now, it is a constant battle for them to stay still.  They both try to turn over the entire diaper change, as you can imagine, it can become an enormous mess if you don’t pay close attention. Letting me see her teeth.  When I try to get a picture or show someone her teeth she licks my finger and prevents me from showing off her teeth.  I have a ton of pictures like the one below from trying to get her to open up.



May 2016 725

Weight: 14 lbs. 9 oz.

May 2016 645

Likes:  Tummy tickles.  I can get the sweetest squeals and giggles out of Grayson when I tickle his belly and bite his little ribs.  Standing.  Grayson absolutely loves standing, so much so that when I try to sit him on his bottom, he planks in order to force me to let him stand.  Halfway crawling.  By this, I mean, he understands the leg portion of the crawl, but can’t quite figure out the arm part. The result, he scoots around and drags his face.  Sucking on his toes.  We all know he loved sucking Stella’s toes, but he has now discovered his own toes.  Unlike her’s, his are always there for his sucking needs.  Naked tummy time.  They both love being naked and I can’t get enough of their cute buns.

May 2016 559

Dislikes:  Having his nose picked.  When Grayson has a full nose of boogers, I feel the need to clean it out, but WOW, that kid does not like to have his nose messed with.  When I leave the room.  How dare I leave the room for anything, ever.  Back tickles.  He may love his belly tickled, but you tickle his back, and he’ll start crying.

Attempting tummy time art

Sleep: I won’t bore you with the regular sad story of our sleep.  Just know that if someone tells you sleep is essential to life, I am living proof that, no, sleep is not essential.

May 2016 614

Eating:  I am happy to say that we have officially made it to 6 months of exclusive breastfeeding (besides 6 days of donor milk and formula in the beginning).  I remember in the beginning, there were days and nights (mostly nights) that I wanted to give up, but I always told myself, 3 more days.  If after 3 days I still wanted to quit, I would (or tell myself 3 more days), but I am so happy I stuck it out.  

May 2016 432

The majority of our feedings are now tandem.  It is a huge time saver, and  nerve saver; I no longer have to listen to one baby wail while I feed the other.  We have the most distractable (<- apparently not a word) kids on the planet, though.  I think the only way I could have a peaceful nursing session now would be if I used handcuffs, sound canceling earmuffs, and horse blinders.  I’m constantly prying their hands open to release my skin, redirecting their attention to get them to latch back on, and preventing them from scratching each other and sticking their fingers in each others’ mouth.  There are still the sweet moments of nursing that I soak up, and I completely adore the relationship we’ve built and continue to build.

She loves laying with her legs in the air. Such a goof.

One of my highlights from the month was when my Meme and Aunt Karmen came to visit.



Another highlight was when my Momma came up!  Love that lady.

May 2016 440

I can’t believe how fast the time is going. I’m soaking all their baby-ness in now because before we know it, we’re going to have toddlers. Here’s to another wonderful month!


2 thoughts on “Stella & Grayson: 6 Month Update

  1. Cannot believe they are 6 months!! Way to go for 6 months of feeding twins! That’s amazing to hear that you’re doing well with tandem feeds. I can only image! I struggled so much with it and even though I enjoyed it it was just plain hard. So that’s a huge accomplishment!

    Claire hates when I pick at her nose too, but boogers are gross! I tried Boogie Wipes before and those seem to help get them better but they’re kinda pricey for a wipe you only use for boogers lol


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