Stella & Grayson: 5 Month Update

Stella and Gray

Another month down (and now almost another).  This month was full of family and friends, but that’s not to say that it was an easy month.  Stella cut 2 teeth and Grayson seems to be teething as well.  Grayson’s reflux seems to be getting worse too, but hopefully that just means it’s about to subside completely.  With the loads of challenges this month was full of, the joys were definitely there too.  The babies are so much fun.  They smile most of the time and their laughs are the absolute cutest.  Grayson has found his voice, and Stella is still as chatty as ever.  They are starting to keep each other entertained which is probably my favorite thing to watch.  So, while this month was anything but easy, it was also one of the best months we’ve had.



Weight: 13 lbs 12 oz     Height: 26.25 inches


Likes: Kisses from Daddy.  Every night when Nick gets home from work, he kisses her like crazy and gets the best giggles out of her.  Being thrown in the air.  Stella is already a daredevil and loves to be lifted and thrown (barely) into the air.  It’s a very good way of getting some giggles.  When I open the blinds in the morning.  When I’ve finally given up the fight of trying to keep them asleep (usually around 5 am) I open the blinds.  Every time I open the blinds, they get SO excited; it’s pretty much their favorite time of day.  Story time.  They both have started to show a real interest in books and being read to this month.  Giving me Indian burns with her feet.  Both the babies have the clammiest little feet, and if my legs are exposed they push off my legs and give me the ultimate Indian burns. Not cool, babies. Her squeaky teething cow.  With 2 teeth coming in, her BFF was her teething cow. Her ball.  Uncle Ben got Stella a ball and both the babies absolutely love it.  It’s easy for them to hold so it’s easily one of their favorite toys.


Dislikes: When I unlatch her before she’s ready.  There were a few times I needed to get Grayson his binky or something that made it impossible to nurse her, so I would unlatch her.  That girl has some lungs!  Dirty diapers.  Stella doesn’t whine, so if she starts to whine, I know she’s ready for a diaper change.




Weight: 13 lbs 13.5 oz     Height: 26 inches


Likes:  Chewing on wash clothes.  If I take his washcloth from him during bath time he freaks out because he is obsessed with chewing on it.  Using my skin like a handle while nursing (this one goes for both babies).  From what I can tell from the strength of their grip, they’ll do very well at rock climbing or any other sport that requires a death grip.  Crinkly toys.  Nick and I laugh when we’re in the car because Grayson will (sometimes) sit quietly and the only way we know he’s awake is because he’s crinkling his toys.  Trying to roll over in that bath tub.  Grayson is great at rolling, but he’s started to roll in the tub, which is not cool.  I have to keep a very watchful eye on both babies during bath time.  Kicking his car seat.  Sometimes it’s out  of anger, sometimes out of happiness, but Grayson kicks the heck out of his car seat. Scratching everything.  Whether it’s the couch, the sheets, my skin, or anything they can touch, the babies scratch everything.  Like 3-4 quick scratches.  I don’t know why, but I think it’s hilarious, except when it’s my skin. Scream sneezes.  I don’t know if he likes it, but I sure get a kick out  of his scream sneezes.  The first sneeze is his sequence of sneezes must surprise him, so he screams it out.  HILARIOUS.


Dislikes: Strangers.  He’s officially in the depths of stranger danger.  If I pass him to anyone (mostly men) he doesn’t know, it’s game over.  Laying down when he could be sitting.  If we are on the bed reading, or singing, Grayson freaks out if he isn’t sitting up.


Eating:  We are still doing really well on the eating front.  We’re getting better at tandem nursing which is a huge time saver, and it’s nice to be able to feed them right when they’re both hungry.  I do have to play referee the entire feeding though because Stella will try to scratch Grayson’s face, or Grayson will try to put his fingers in Stella’s mouth.  There are the times when they’re feeling gentle and cute, and they’ll hold hands while they eat, which is adorable.  Nursing has become a bit more painful as they have become more aware of their surroundings.  They get distracted easily so they look around, but instead of breaking their latch, then looking, they just look.  They niplash me ALL THE TIME.  Nick thinks it’s hilarious to encourage the niplash. Not funny.  They have also been pinching the heck out of my arms and boobs while they nurse, so I have to pay close attention, and hold their hands.

This is how I feel nursing these hooligans lately.


Sleep: The only thing that has changed on the sleep front, is that I’m getting even less sleep now.  At this point, I’m getting so used to not sleeping that most days it doesn’t even bother me anymore.  Cute story though: one morning after probably the worst night of sleep since they arrived (we’re talking minutes of sleep), I was laying next to Grayson crying.  I was crying because yet again, I reached a new level of exhaustion.  As I was laying there crying and praying for strength, Grayson reached over and lightly touched my arm and gazed up at me with the most loving eyes.  It was a moment I never want to forget because it felt like he was telling me that he loved me and appreciated that I woke up with him when he needed me.

This suit was supposed to help him sleep, instead it made him look like Ralfie’s brother from A Christmas Story.

Nick’s dad and his fiance came out to visit at the beginning of the month.

Carey and Cheryl

Carey and Grayson


Gray and Stella




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