Stella & Grayson: 4 Month Update


How are our itty bitty babies already 4 months old?  This month has been so much fun with the babies.  Their personalities are starting to emerge a little and it makes me so excited to see the people they will become.  With that said, I am trying to enjoy every second of this time when they are so little and needy because I know that in the very near future, they are going to be mobile, and not need me nearly as much.

March 31, 2016 080

This month Stella and Grayson have really started to notice one another.  They had started looking at each other last month, but this month they are hilarious together.  When they lay on the bed together Grayson loves to grab Stella’s hand and put it in his mouth.  Yet another benefit of being a twin, more hands to suck!  Unfortunately, they don’t have complete control over their limbs yet, so they end up hitting and scratching each other sometimes, but not hard enough to make them cry (yet).  Seeing their relationship grow is something I have looked forward to since we found out we were having twins, and to finally start seeing that is so exciting.

March 31, 2016 018

The babies have begun to smile much more frequently, which is so rewarding.  We have gotten a few giggles, and they hold some pretty engaging conversations.  It is incredible to watch them grow and see how different they are.  Grayson can roll from tummy to back and back to tummy.  I predict he will be the first to crawl.  Stella has rolled from her back to her tummy a few times, but would way prefer to sit and talk with someone.  Her voice is too cute.  Both babies enjoy sitting up, and doing crunches, with our assistance of course.  They’re both really close to sitting on their own though, which I think will be a huge game changer for my own productivity.

Morning snuggles


April 159

Likes: Chewing on her fingers and fist. Stella really goes to town sucking and chewing on her fingers and fist.  She makes the funniest noises when she’s doing this, and she unfortunately gets drool everywhere. Singing songs with Mommy.  It still seems to be the highlight of each day for her.  Her favorites are “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” and “Jesus Loves Me.”  I can’t tell you how many times a day I sing both of those songs, but if it makes her happy, I’ll do it over and over (and over!) again. Playing with Daddy.  She still thinks Nick is just about the coolest thing ever.  He can get that girl to smile up a storm, and on occasion giggle (which is the cutest thing ever!).  The Bunny Rattle.  Best $3.99 I have ever spent. Trying to drink the bath water.  When the babies are in the bath, Stella tries her best to turn her head as far as possible so she can lick the bath water.  She has been successful in her efforts several times. Oops.  Being naked.  She must take after her Mommy.

April 030

Dislikes: Being cold.  After her bath is still a struggle, but once she’s warm again, she’s back to her happy self.  Having gas.  I think this is something everyone hates, but Stella will wake up screaming if she has gas.  So sad, and so loud, but once she lets it go, she’s again, back to her happy self.  When I leave the room.  Sometimes during the day, if I leave the room, she whines until I come back and entertain her.  Luckily it’s not all the time.

April 001


Likes: Putting Stella’s hands in his mouth.  It’s so cute and I’m not at all worried about germs, so I say go for it!  Sucking and chewing on my hands.  When I am holding him, he loves nothing more than to gnaw on my hands and wrists, and believe it or not, he has a very strong jaw so sometimes it actually hurts.  Playing with Daddy.  This is the first month that Nick and Grayson have really become buddies.  I love it.  Putting anything and everything in his mouth.  I really hope he’s not teething already, but he has many of the signs.  The Daffy Duck noise.  The best way to get smiles.  Singing songs with Mommy.  His favorite is the song from The Sound of Music, Do a deer… I don’t know the actual name of it.  His other favorite is when I sing and sign ABCs.  He’s mesmerized with hands.  Giving open mouth kisses.  Anytime I go to give Grayson a kiss he opens his mouth.  Even if you try to give him a kiss on the cheek he’ll turn and greet you with a gummy, drooly, open mouth.

April 078

Dislikes: Pulling out his binky.  Grayson has mastered pulling his own binky out of his mouth.  Unfortunately, he has yet to figure out how to put it back in, thus, it is on the dislike list because it upsets him when he doesn’t have his binky. Productivity.  Grayson and Stella both really dislike if I need to do anything for myself while they are awake.  They don’t need my constant attention, but they want me next to them.  When they go down for naps, I turn into Hurricane Chelsa in order to keep the apartment decently livable.  Being held facing in. He much prefers to look around.  Hats. He and Stella love wearing hats, but one day my sister cam over to walk and put a hat on. They freaked out.

April 084

Sleep: At the beginning of this month, we were making some serious progress in this department.  Stella started only waking to eat once, and Grayson was only waking between 3 and 4 times.  I was starting to feel like a slightly less sleep deprived mess, but alas, it did not stick.  The last 2 or so weeks have gone back to truly awful sleep that has me trying to put ice cream in the fridge, and forgetting to brush my teeth and hair.  I have heard of the “4 month sleep regression,” and I regret to inform you that it is real.  Extremely exhausting and oh so real.

April 035

On Easter Sunday, Nick and I had reached our limit.  We finally broke down and got a second swing.  It has been the best impulse buy yet.  It has allowed me to get the babies on basically the same nap schedule during the day.  I say basically because Grayson tends to nap shorter periods of time (20-60 minutes) and more frequently, and Stella sleeps for longer (2-3 hours) and naps less frequently.  I do enjoy that they aren’t completely on the same schedule so I still get individual time with them.

April 049

I am so hoping that I can report something more positive on the sleep front next month. Here’s to hoping!

Eating:  Nothing has really changed on the eating front.  We are still doing really well with the whole nursing game.  I was able to tandem feed a few times this month which was really fun.  It was absolutely adorable because Stella kept looking over at Grayson and smiling the cutest grin at him.  They also held hands while nursing which completely had my heart mush.  It’s moments like those that I try to hold onto when things get rough.  The only not so fun thing this month has been the fact that they always want their hands in their mouths.  Even when nursing.  Nursing Baby + Razor Blade Fingernails = Not Fun For Momma.

April 111

A huge game changer this month was getting Zantac for Grayson.  He was having some serious reflux issues that lead to him crying A LOT and spitting up constantly.  One of the hardest things is to know your baby doesn’t feel well, but not know how to fix it.  After about a week of Zantac, Grayson was a completely different baby, happy, smiling, and crying way less.  He still spits up an impressive amount, but at least he’s not painful.  I figure when we get our new doctor we can dial in his Zantac dose and he’ll be even happier.  I also have a sneaking suspicion that Stella might need some too, but I’m not going to give her any until we see our doctor.

April 108

March 31, 2016 034
Grayson’s pile of laundry is on the left. Spit-up king.

Overall, this month has had it’s ups and downs, but luckily more ups than downs.  We are looking forward to a month full of family and friends.  I think we have at least 1 visitor each weekend.  We can’t wait!  I’m hoping this will help them to get over their Stranger Danger.

April 090

Thank you for another exciting month babies. We love you so much!

April 065


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