Things I Never Expected #2

And here we are again with more things I never expected!

February Pictures 104

February Pictures 101

How incredibly loud it is when the babies poop. It’s seriously like cartoon sound effects worthy. And of course there are some times when I’m listening and simply know to draw a bath because someone just had an explosion.

End of March 002

How I can make 1 cup of coffee last ALL day. Somehow I make a cup of coffee in the morning and sometimes won’t finish it until around 3 pm. So much to do, so little time!  Sadly, I wrote this before coffee seemed to bother them. Now, I don’t get the joy of that yummy cup of energy.

End of March 010

How nice it would be to not seem completely crazy in stores. I will admit, I talk to myself while doing most things, sometimes I sing what I’m doing. Now, I don’t seem as crazy because I have babies and you’re supposed to talk to them all the time. Score!

End of March 089
They’ve mastered their “Deer in the Headlights” looks

How much I would sing. I literally sing 95% of everything I say to these babies.  I have them on the fast track to thinking they live in a musical.

End of March 028

How important a sense of humor would be in this whole parenting game.  Having babies is so incredibly hard, but keeping my sense of humor has saved me so many times.  When it comes down to it, you may as well laugh because there is literally nothing else you can do.

End of March 041

How absolutely terrifying it is to cut their fingernails. The are worse than Roonie when it comes to scratching me so I have to cut those little daggers off their fingers.  Their fingers and fingernails are so tiny though!  Add in that they’re so wiggly and you have a recipe for disaster.  I was just chewing them off for a while, but now that they touch  things it grosses me out, so clippers it is.  Down right terrifying people, but the job must be done!

End of March 084
Naked chubby baby legs are too cute!

How little their bodily fluids would gross me out.  There was one night when the babies were going through the Gentian Violet phase, and Grayson spit up on me during one of the middle of the night feedings.  It wasn’t on him, and there wasn’t too much on me, so I said “screw it” and went back to sleep. Gross, I know.  Before having them, I was worried about all the nasty things that were to come, but somehow poop, pee, drool, and/or spit up, none of it phases me.  Nick can handle his fair share of poop, but when it comes to spit up…he passes them to me like they’re radioactive.  I don’t mind though!

End of March 006

End of March 072

How much I would completely adore these little humans.


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