Stella and Grayson: 3 Month Update

Sunday, March 6th, the babies officially turned 3 months old.  Holy cow, what a month February was.  It was easily my favorite month yet, but it was also the most challenging.  This was the first month that Nick and I didn’t have an extra set of hands regularly.  Between my Mom and Nick’s Grandma Karen, we had a ton of help for the first 2 months and I truly believe that is the only way we made it through those crazy months. So, thank you both, there is no way we can ever thank you enough!

Having so much help was an absolute lifesaver, but I was starting to feel like maybe I wasn’t going to be able to do it on my own during the days while Nick was at work.  When Grandma Karen left, I was SO scared that everything was going to fall apart.  I was never going to be able to sleep, eat, shower, feed the babies, clean, and have dinner ready when Nick got home, but something crazy happened.  Somehow, I was able to do it on my own. Thank goodness!  Are there more tears shed from both the babies and myself? Yes, but I finally gained the confidence that I could indeed do this stay at home mom thing without going completely crazy.  With that being said, there have been some days this month that I had to call in the troops for help, but I’ll get to that a little later.


Chelsa'sPhoneMarch 076
I could not, for the life of me, get her to smile OR stay still!

Likes: Her Daddy, still.  When Nick gets home from work she loves to lounge on him.  She relaxes on him like you can’t believe, something I have no luck doing.  It’s true love.  Singing songs with Mommy.  Stella absolutely loves when I sing songs to her while she lays on the bed.  She coos back at me and smiles like crazy.  I have a feeling this little one has a musical soul, and I couldn’t be happier.  Falling asleep on my chest.  For most naps, I get Stella to fall asleep on me then transfer her to the couch or her crib.  Before I lay her down though, I snuggle her as much as I can.  Having two makes it very hard to get the quality snuggle time I want so I take it where I can get it.  Her changing table.  Sometimes when I can’t get her to calm down, I take her to the changing table and talk with her and shake  her rattle.  She calms down and starts smiling and talking…usually.  Bath time.  I think bath time has become her favorite time of day.  She loves to kick around and talk up a storm while she’s in there.  The blow dryer.  After every bath I use the blow dryer to get her nice and dry before getting in her jammies. The mobile in the crib.  I got a mobile a few weeks back because both the babies liked the one on their activity mat so much. Huge hit.  Some mornings I will lay them under the mobile so I can get some breakfast, and they’ll just lay there and smile at it.  So cute.

Chelsa'sPhoneMarch 043

Something I want to remember forever is how much Stella loves when Nick or I open our mouth’s really wide at her. Every time one of us does it, she gets the cutest grin on her face.

Chelsa'sPhoneMarch 074

Dislikes: Being cold.  The time between when I turn off the blow dryer and get her clothed is not the most fun.  Having a dirty diaper.  Stella hates sitting in a poopy diaper, and I don’t blame her!  As soon as she’s done, she gets squirmy for a few minutes and if you don’t take that hint, then she wails until you take the hint.  Tummy time.  Still not one of her favorite activities. Gentian Violet. This one goes without saying. Screw that stuff.

Chelsa'sPhoneMarch 050


Chelsa'sPhoneMarch 090
I promise he has feet, they just move to fast for my camera

Likes: His Momma, still.  He tends to still prefer Mom snuggles, and I’m taking them all in now because I know sometime he won’t want to anymore.  He also loves when I sing, so we spend a ton of time on the bed singing.  I take in as many smiles as I can while they are both happy because that doesn’t happen a whole lot.  The swing.  That thing has still been the most useful tool in getting him to go to sleep or to calm him down.  That and swaddling him. Oh, and don’t forget the binky!  His Dadio.  He has really started to take to Nick, giving him lots of smiles and coos. Being talked to.  The biggest smiles happen when I talk to Grayson while he’s on the changing table.  His dimples are too cute.  Bath time.  Grayson has finally started to love his bath!  He loves to kick around while he’s in there.  It’s funny because every time I put him in there he has a split second where I think he might start screaming, then he realizes that he likes it, then he smiles.  Grabbing at toys.  When Grayson is laying on his activity mat, he loves to hit and grab the dangling toys.  It’s so neat to watch their development.

Chelsa'sPhoneMarch 011

Something I want to remember is the way Grayson is constantly moving.  No matter what he is doing, he is constantly kicking his legs and flailing his arms.  I always figured he’d be the active one because he was always the more active one in my belly.  Once he is mobile, he’s going to be a force to be reckoned with.

Chelsa'sPhoneMarch 130

Dislikes: When his binky falls out.  Sometimes when Grayson is falling asleep, he stops sucking his binky for a second and it falls out.  When this happens, he gets so mad so fast.  Standing still.  If you’re holding Grayson, you must be moving in some way, or he is not okay with it, and make sure he’s facing out. Gentian Violet. THE DEVIL.

Chelsa'sPhoneMarch 102

Before, I mentioned having to call in the troops, so let me now tell you this terrible story.  I posted before about thrush and Gentian Violet, well, it ended up being one of the worst week we’ve ever had with the babies.  I was told incorrectly how to use the Gentian Violet, and being a new mom I didn’t listen when other people told me how to use it, I was going to use it the way I was told by the doctor because I didn’t want to have this thrush business going on longer than it needed to be. (<- Holy run-on sentence). I was told to pour .5 ml of Gentian Violet 3 times/day for 5 days.  After 4 treatments, I stopped giving it to them.  They both stopped eating and if they did eat it was all coming back up.  They were sleeping more and when they were awake, they were screaming and crying.  They were in so much pain, and I felt awful.  I eventually had to force feed Stella because she was getting really dehydrated.  The whole thing was very traumatic for all involved.  I called my sister one night so she could come up and help me so Nick could get some sleep because he had work in the morning.  I cannot thank you enough for coming to help me, Cassondra.  We also called Nick’s sister Jessica to help me.  You were an absolute lifesaver, Jess!  Without those 2 I think I myself would have gotten dehydrated from crying.  We are still dealing with some reflux with Grayson caused by the purple devil, but the thrush is gone and we’re all recovering from our week of hell.

Chelsa'sPhoneMarch 111

Chelsa'sPhoneMarch 149

Sleep: Or maybe I should title this “Lack of Sleep.”  We haven’t gotten down the whole sleep for very long thing yet, but I am getting a bit more than last month.  We are trying to get them in a bedtime routine, but I think it will take a little time of being consistent to get it down.  For now, a typical night results with me getting about 3 hours in the beginning then awake every hour to feed one of them.  It was a game changer when I decided they would just sleep in the bed with me.  It allows me to catch them before they are completely awake so we all get more sleep.  Plus, I love snuggling with them.  During the day they tend to take a lot of cat naps and one long nap.  Generally, the long nap is together which is awesome, but I never count on that actually happening because the second I count on it, it doesn’t happen.

Chelsa'sPhoneMarch 053

Eating: I feel like we have really found our groove this month when it comes to nursing.  I still can’t tandem feed them, but I love having the bonding time one on one with each of them.  When I nurse them, sometimes they look up into my eyes, and I melt.  I am so happy I get to have this relationship with them.  There are also times when they are flailing around and scratching me while they nurse.  Their nails are so sharp!  It looks like Roonie attacked me sometimes, but the good SO outweighs the bad. They are gaining weight well considering being violently ill during the purple plague.  I am still going to the breastfeeding support groups every once in a while to check on their weight.

Chelsa'sPhoneMarch 057

Highlights From Month 3: Going on a road trip to see my family.  I was so happy that between jobs, Nick had a week off.  We were able to road trip down to Klamath (6 hour drive).  While the drive wasn’t the easiest thing we’ve ever done, the babies did very well, and it was so awesome to have some of my family meet them for the first time.  The babies are becoming way more aware.  One morning, when Grayson, Stella, and I were playing on the bed, Stella looked over at Grayson and actually saw him.  It was the first time either of them seemed to notice the other.  Since then, they will sometimes look at one another and smile, which never fails to make me almost cry.  I am so excited to see their relationship as they grow.  Having more time as a family of four.  Nick changed jobs and has been only working 40 hours per week!  This is a huge step since before, he was working about 60 hours per week.  It is so nice to spend more time together.  The babies smiling and talking more.  For the first 2 ish months, it felt like the babies didn’t really care for either of us, but now that they are smiling and talking more it is so rewarding.  I love when either of them will look at Nick or me and get the biggest grin on their faces.  They actually like us. Phew!

While this month had its ups and downs, it has been the greatest month of my life.  I absolutely adore being a stay at home mom (Thank you, Nick, for making it possible. I love you!).  I wake up every morning completely exhausted, but completely filled with joy and love.  This little family is the answer to so many of my prayers.  It might not always be easy, but it’s always, always, always worth it.


Chelsa'sPhoneMarch 030

Chelsa'sPhoneMarch 084

Chelsa'sPhoneMarch 151


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