A Special Kind of Torture

Okay, so maybe the title is a bit dramatic, but holy cow, thrush is the devil. Let me back up a bit.

A few weeks back, when we went to the babies’ 2 month appointment, our doctor noticed a little bit of thrush in Grayson’s mouth. She prescribed some medicine for both the babies because they share everything, including my nipples, so if one has it, they both get treated.

So we get the medicine and give it to the babies. It doesn’t taste great, but Stella doesn’t seem to not mind it. Grayson on the other hand, seems to think I’m trying to poison him each time I give it to him. Unfortunately, this stuff makes their tummies upset so we’ve been dealing with more spit up, 9 times out of 10 it goes down my cleavage (yay). Fast forward 2 weeks and we still have thrush. Now in both babies mouths.

Then today the real adventure began. Since the other medicine didn’t seem work, we now have Gentian Violet. If you have never heard of or used this stuff before you are a truly lucky individual. My mom told me it would stain everything, and she was NOT exaggerating. Before I put anything in our babies mouths I always try it, and today was no exception. As soon as I tasted it, I knew I was really in for it. Even Stella was going to think I was poisoning her.

Me being me, I wanted to get the hardest done first. I placed Grayson on the changing table to treat his mouth. I opened the bottle and low and behold, the syringe they gave me wouldn’t fit in the bottle. I got very creative with how to get the medicine into the syringe, which led to me spilling this purple poison all over the changing table, a side table with books and papers on it, and the carpet. Once in the syringe, I put the syringe in my smiling little boy’s mouth who instantly gave me a death glare and arched his back trying his best to escape. He choked and sprayed the purple dye medicine all over me and his face. Not a big deal, I can just wiped it off with a baby wipe, right? Wrong. This stuff stains the instant it touches ANYTHING. So now Grayson has a purple streak from his mouth all the way into and out of his ear and onto the back of his head, AND he looks like he has purple freckles. Go me.


Having learned a little from the previous torture session, I sat Stella up to give her the dose of the purple devil, but she still has it all around her mouth. At this point, both babies are scream crying, giving me the dirtiest looks I’ve ever received, I’m crying, and we’re all stained purple. These next 5 days of treatment are going to be so much fun.

Excuse my language, but… This. Shit. Better. Work.

February Pictures 123

February Pictures 126

And now it looks like I nursed Barney.


5 thoughts on “A Special Kind of Torture

  1. Oh no – thrush! I have heard such awful things about that and that the mom can get it too and it just turns into a nasty mess. I can so relate on kids thinking you’re trying to poison them. Claire had a fever this week and all I had left was the nasty cherry Tylenol (we usually use dye free that’s like grape or something?). And OMG. She hated it and it also stains. Not as bad at that purple stuff but it’s bright red and does not come out of anything! Why do they make this stuff colored?!?! It is beyond me!

    I sure your babes get better soon!

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    1. Giving kids any medicine is like trying to give cat a bath–terrifying. And seriously, why do they make ANYTHING that kids have to take orally colored? So. Annoying. And SO messy! Just this morning, while giving them another dose, in my head I was thinking, “F*** the person who made this stuff bright freaking purple.”
      I hope Claire is feeling better 😦 Fevers are the worst!


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