How Will Roonie Handle This?


If you know me even a little, you know I have a small obsession with my cat, Roonie.

I like to think he’s screaming, “I LOVE YOU, MOM!”

He’s sometimes a difficult little being to love because he’s a huge a-hole, but he has a special place in my heart.  Even Nick loves Roonie (some days more than others).  He’s pretty feisty, and has a very healthy appetite tipping the scales at a little under 17 pounds.

Christmas 2014.  We will have to get him a new sweater this year because he’s gained some sympathy weight for me

People have asked how we think Roonie will handle having the little ones around, and honestly, we’ve wondered the same thing.  As I’ve progressed through the pregnancy, I don’t know if Roonie has some sort of 6th sense, or if he just loves me, but he’s been pretty sweet to me, giving me extra snuggles and not drawing nearly as much blood as he has in the past.  Nick and Roonie play really rough, so he still has blood drawn regularly, but Roonie has also had his moments of being really sweet to Nick.  He always waits by the door in the morning to say bye to Nick before he leaves for work.  It’s pretty cute.

He’s not always this peaceful

As baby stuff has been filling our apartment, Roonie hasn’t tried to claim any of it as his own.  I thought he might try to claim the crib as his new bed, but I have yet to find him in there.  He couldn’t really care less about everything taking over “his” room.  I take this as a good sign because I don’t think he’s at all territorial with this place.  The concern I have is mostly about the crying.  We all know babies cry, and Roonie has never heard such a sound so it will be interesting to see how he handles it.  I have a feeling he’ll just hide under a bed or hang out in a different room.

Christmas kitty 2014

While Roonie hasn’t been around newborns at all, he has interacted with a few small humans in his life.  My niece and nephew always love to hang around him and pet him.  He enjoys them for the most part, and if he gets irritated, he’ll simply walk away and hide.  A few weeks ago, he experienced his smallest human yet!  My cousin and his daughter (she’s about a year old) stayed with us and she absolutely loved Roonie.  They became fast friends and he actually really enjoyed her.  At one point, she tried to touch his paw (probably because he has blue sparkly claw caps on), which he is never okay with, and he just got up and walked away.  If I tried to do that I would surely get bitten, so I think he can sense the difference between little ones and adults.  We can only hope.

Roonie and his BFF

All in all, I think Roonie will handle his new brother and sister pretty well.  I will have to make sure to give him lots of love and treats when they arrive so that he knows he is still loved.  Let’s hope he’s a good big brother!

“I’m a cat, mom, not a shark”

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