Week 34

34 weeks and understanding why a woman wouldn’t want to be pregnant forever.  I am still loving feeling them move around.  I know I will miss that a ton when they are finally here, so I am soaking it all in now.

My mom got me a belly bra (not sure what they actually call it) and I have been trying to wear it as much as possible.  I am hoping it will help with my low back pain, and maybe help my skin not tear apart as I keep growing.

One thing I have been really worried about is whether or not the babies will have colic.  I was a super colicky baby and people tell me horror stories about how I would scream all night long.  As fun as that sounds….no, that doesn’t sound fun at all, so I am trying to do everything in my power to prevent that.  I have decided to cut out dairy because it is one of the most common irritants for babies in breast milk.  I figure I may as well do anything I can to prep my body for these babies.  Maybe once they are here and doing well, I will try to add dairy back in, but we will have to see.  I eat a surprising amount of dairy, so I kind of failed this week.  I figured since I don’t drink milk it would be an easy transition, but there are a lot of things I do eat that have dairy.

When asked by a waitress how to have twins, my quick response was, “I don’t know. Have really great sex!”  I think she and everyone involved was caught completely off guard, but if nothing else, I think that’s just good life advice.

Chocolate and I have been in a pretty serious relationship this week.  I think it started when I made the yummiest chocolate cookies ever.  I couldn’t stop eating them.  Then I got a Symphony bar. YUM.  Then I bought chocolate covered cinnamon bears (sounds weird, but try them!).  And I got some dark chocolate hot chocolate.  Up until this week, I have mostly wanted fruity sweets, but now, chocolate has my whole heart.

As I have mentioned before, my appointments are in Portland.  Since I have so many appointments I have been going to many of them alone because Nick can’t get off work that much.  Every time I am driving back alone, I wonder to myself if I can use the Car Pool Lane because technically I am not the only one in the car.  I don’t have any police officer friends to ask if I can actually get away with this, but it would save me a ton of time if I could.  Portland traffic is awful.

All in all, week 34 was good to me.  I am starting to get some “practice” contractions so I know my body is preparing for go time, but until then, I am going to do my best to enjoy having these babies all to myself, and of course nap as much as possible.

34 weeks 5 days

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