Weeks 32-33

These last two weeks have, once again, flown by.  I have been prepping for the babies more than ever.  I made some laundry detergent and have washed almost all their clothes.  Only one load left.  Nick and I were also able to meet with their doctor and make sure she would take them.  Nick and his family have been going to this particular doctor for quite some time, so I feel very confident with our decision to take the babies to her.  Nick and I joke that we are doing such adult things these days.

The babies have been getting the hiccups like crazy lately.  I haven’t figured out if it is when I eat a certain thing, but it sure happens a lot.  I remember when my sister was pregnant I thought it was fascinating that the baby would get the hiccups, now I get to feel it and I absolutely love it.  The other morning at about 3 am, both the babies had the hiccups at the same time.  I can usually fall asleep even when they are moving, but when both sides of my belly are twitching with baby hiccups, I just had to wait it out.  I took the time awake to say a little prayer for my little ones.

At my 33 week checkup, my belly was measuring 40 weeks.  This measurement is based on a singleton pregnancy meaning this is how large I would be at full term with one baby.  To the babies, this means they are running out of room.  They are taking it upon themselves to snuggle up under my ribs.  This is causing breathing to become a bit more labored.  Nick is constantly asking if I’m okay because apparently I sound like I’m huffing and puffing all the time.  I assure him I’m just doing my best to breathe.

People of Vancouver, I am so proud of you.  None of you have tried to touch my belly.  I have always heard of women having strangers come up to them and touch their belly’s.  Maybe I just don’t look like a very approachable person.  Apparently in Pennsylvania, it is now a crime to touch a pregnant lady’s belly without her permission.

Although I don’t have constant demon-like hunger like I thought maybe I would, I do have really inconvenient hunger.  By inconvenient I mean, I will wake up in the middle of the night with my tummy rumbling.  Sometimes I try to just ignore it, but I have finally started to just give in and get up to eat something.  I will have something like cereal, or cheese and crackers, drink some water and head back to bed.  Sometimes Nick wakes up as I’m lumbering out of bed and asks where I’m going to which I sigh and say, “I’m hungry.”  Other times, he hears me in the kitchen and simply says, “Babe, come back to bed.”  What this guy has to put up with!

Let’s talk about stretch marks.  In a previous post I talked about how my boobs got huge really fast.  I was moisturizing like crazy, but still ended up with a good amount of stretch marks there, and I can only assume that when my milk makers explode with milk, I will probably get more.  It wasn’t until just recently though that I started to get stretch marks on my belly.  I was admittedly a little disappointed, but I try to remember that these marks just show that I am carrying and growing our babies.  Nick has been so sweet about it, which has helped a lot.

As my belly is getting huge, I have had some funny things happen.  The other day I was doing the dishes and was thinking to myself, “This dang sink seems so much deeper, I’m having to stretch my arms further to grab things.”  Then I realized the sink is not getting deeper, I’m just having to stand further away.  I chuckled to myself when I figured it out.  On the same note of doing the dishes, I have to be so much more aware because I keep getting my shirt wet from bumping my belly against the front of the sink.  It can be so irritating because then I have to change my shirt, and let’s get real, there aren’t many shirts that fit these days.  I find that I’m using my apron way more to avoid getting water and whatever I am cooking on my belly.

This last weekend Nick and I made a trip down to Crescent City, CA to celebrate my Papa’s 79th birthday.  It was about a 6.5 hour drive, but totally worth it!  I talked with my doctor about the trip and he said as long as I wasn’t having a lot of cramping the days leading up to the trip he was totally okay with me going on such a long drive.  I will admit, in the back of my head I was a little worried about the whole going into labor thing, but I just went with my gut and knew everything would be fine.  I am so thankful we made the drive down.  Nick also got to see the Redwoods for the very first time which was fun!

I didn’t take any bump pictures, but here are some pictures we took in the Redwoods:




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