The Second Trimester Recap: Weeks 14-27

As you probably remember, the first trimester was filled with vomiting, laziness, and Tums, and lacked activity and vegetables.  I was so excited to get to the second trimester because everyone told me I was going to start feeling much better.  I knew I wasn’t going to just wake up on the first day of week 14 and feel 100% better, but a girl can dream!  It took until about week 16-17 to start feeling better and let me tell you, I was so excited when I started feeling like my normal self again.  I remember calling my mom one day and being so excited because I hadn’t thrown up in 3 full days.  I never thought I would be so excited about such a thing.

The second trimester was so much more fun for me (and Nick).  I was finally up to seeing people on the weekends and doing more than just falling asleep to movies.  When women say that the second trimester is the sweet spot of pregnancy, they are totally correct.  It’s the time when the belly starts to show (so you don’t just look like you ate too much) and you don’t feel like at any moment you might get sick.

I was working in childcare during my second trimester, so my days were filled with chasing toddlers around and changing some of the most awful diapers you can dream of.  I figured it was all great preparation for when my two little nuggets arrived.  The only downside to working with kiddos, they are seriously petri dishes, so I was getting colds pretty frequently.  When I would get a cold, it would mess up my whole system so I would get sick to my stomach again and generally throw up, but it was nothing like the all day sickness of before.  I tried to look at the bright side and consider it building the babies’ immune systems.  During this time, I began to have a ton of back pain, but as soon as I got a ladder for the kids to climb to the changing table, that subsided pretty quickly.

As for activity during the second trimester, I considered chasing toddlers and lifting them off of each other exercise enough.  I was completely exhausted by the end of the day.  On the weekends, Nick and I would go on walks.  Occasionally we made it to the gym, but I didn’t lift much because I had lost so much strength during the first trimester and didn’t want to shock my body.

Alternate title for this post: The Return of Vegetables!  I finally got back to a somewhat normal diet in the second trimester.  It was pretty nifty because if I ate too much sugar I would get sick (one morning I ate some cinnamon twists and got sick within 20 minutes) so it made eating healthy much easier.  My body must have been trying to make up for the lack of veggies during the first trimester.

My main cravings during the second trimester included Chicken Pad Thai (I have an amazing recipe for anyone interested), Caesar Salad, Cream of Wheat, coconut water (which always made the babies go NUTS), all the ice water (I used to be a room temperature girl), and this mixed fruit bowl from Fred Meyer.

What pregnant dreams are made of

My aversions in the second trimester were too much processed sugar and pot stickers.  The pot stickers is kind of a funny story.  I had eaten some pot stickers with Nick in the very first part of my pregnancy and enjoyed them, but after that one time, I was completely grossed out my them.  I don’t know what it was about them.  One night, Nick was wanting pot stickers so I just decided to have something else.  I didn’t want to be that pregnant girl that wouldn’t let him cook them in the apartment.  Turns out, I should have been that pregnant girl because the smell was almost enough to make me get sick.  Something about the smell of them was completely repulsive to me.  I had to open the windows and have the fans on.  There is still a half eaten bag of pot stickers in the freezer now.

Some pregnancy symptoms caught me completely off guard.  For instance, I got bloody noses pretty frequently, we’re talking probably 5 times a week, and they would hit without warning.  Every time I got sick, it would be accompanied with a bloody nose, I was a pathetic sight some mornings.  Another symptom, the itchiest scalp EVER.  No, it was not lice, I checked.  The last random symptom, sneezing.  I probably averaged at least 25 sneezes a day.  Combine having two babies sitting on your bladder and tons of sneezing….you get the picture.

At our 20 week ultrasound, we were able to confirm what we had guessed at the 12 week ultrasound.  We were having a boy and a girl!  From day one, Nick was convinced we were having a girl and I was convinced we were having a boy, little did we know we would both be correct.  We had two names picked out that we both loved (boy and girl) so if it had been two boys we would have had to come up with a second boy name that was equally as perfect as our first boy name.  We did some genetic testing, so we knew there was no chance of it being two girls.  I am so excited to have one of each.  The best of both worlds!

I was unsure if I had been feeling the babies move, but then around 18-19 weeks the movement was enough to know for sure it was the babies.  I thought feeling them move would feel kind of creepy, but it is such a great feeling.  Knowing they are alive and well in there is always nice.  When Nick felt the first kick his reaction was too perfect.  We were laying in bed and I told him that one of the babies was moving so I put his hand on my belly.  When I had done this before, it was like they knew I wanted them to move so they would stop.  This time, his hand was on my belly and BAM!  One of the babies kicked so hard.  He jumped out of the bed yelling “WHOA! WHOA! No way!”  We both laughed so hard.  It was a moment I will remember forever.

When I first got pregnant, I was excited for that in between time when my belly was getting bigger, but not totally obvious.  I wondered if strangers would ask when I was due, to which I planned to say, “What do you mean?” and freak them out, then tell them December and laugh at how awkward I made the situation.  But once my belly started showing, it became an obvious baby bump within a few days, popped belly button and all.  I would have to assume that the rapid rate of growth had a lot to do with the fact that I was housing two babies.

And now for some awkward pregnancy moments.  Once my belly button popped out I started to notice people in the stores staring at it.  I get it people, it looks funny.  A little girl at work came up and pressed my belly button and said, “Boop, boop, boop!”  I couldn’t believe it, and was laughing so hard.  Kids can be so weird, and I know these two inside me will be no exception.  I can’t wait.  I was talking to some of the other teachers at work one day, and one of them saw a baby kick from quite a distance.  ALIEN!

Here are some bump pictures from the second trimester.

14 weeks 2 days
15 weeks 4 days
18 weeks
19 weeks 1 day (the week the belly button popped)
21 weeks 1 day
23 weeks 1 day
24 weeks 2 days
25 weeks 1 day

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