Our (Second) First Appointment

Nick and I arrived at our appointment in Portland more excited than ever.  We knew we had an ultrasound and were excited to see our little tadpole in my belly.  At this point, I was a few days shy of 12 weeks and still feeling as sick as ever.

I checked in, filled out paperwork, and waited anxiously to be called back.  From the moment Nick and I walked in, we both felt MUCH better about this experience.  The ultrasound tech came out to welcome us back.  She had me lie down on the table and squeezed the warm jelly on my stomach.  As soon as she put the probe on my belly, this was the image we saw:


Tech: “Oh my goodness!”

Me: “There’s two of them!”  I didn’t need a degree in medical imaging to see that!

I thought the shock of finding out we were expecting a baby was huge, then we find out that there are two of them?!  I can assure you, no words can describe that feeling.  I have never been at a loss for words, but in this moment, I could not say anything except, “Oh my goodness.”  The tech walked out of the room to tell our doctor that we were having twins, and I looked over at Nick who had the biggest grin on his face.  My jaw was still on the ground at this point, but slowly I began to smile as I warmed up to the idea of our family of two becoming a family of four.

After our ultrasound finished up, we met with our doctor.  Immediately, I knew we made the right decision.  He made me feel at ease, which has not always been my experience with OB/GYNs.

I called my mom the first thing when we left our appointment.  I called and she answered (she knew we were having an ultrasound) excited to hear about the baby. “Well?” She asked, thinking maybe we found out the gender.  “Mom there are two babies, we’re having twins!” Her reaction was the funniest thing ever.  I am 98% sure she thought I was just joking because I had been saying maybe it was twins because I was so sick.  When she realized I wasn’t joking, she told me I was giving her a heart attack.  My aunt was with her and later told me that my mom actually had to put her head between her legs because she was truly about to pass out.  Out of everyone I have told, I am certain my mom’s reaction was by far the best.

The rest of the day was filled with calling friends and family and telling them the exciting news that there was not just one but two new babies set to arrive in December.  When I called my Grandma, I said, “Nick and I had an ultrasound today.” She followed with, “And it’s twins!”  “But seriously Grandma, we’re having twins!”  I thought maybe my mom had called her but she was just joking.  We laughed for quite a while.

It was probably a good two weeks that anytime I started to think about the babies, I would laugh in disbelief and think to myself, “There are two humans inside of me. What?!”  Slowly the reality that we were having two sunk in, and Nick and I couldn’t be more excited.  We’ll never have to fight over who gets baby snuggles because we can each have one!


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