The First Trimester Recap Weeks 0-13

Whoever called it morning sickness was a big, fat liar.  Morning sickness makes it sound like by 10 or 11 am you’ll feel like your normal, not green in the gills, self again.  Lies I tell you!

From shortly before I soiled the stick that told me I was pregnant, all the way through the first trimester (and then some) I was sick to my stomach from the moment I woke up in the morning until I went to bed at night.  That sickness was not always accompanied with vomiting, but there were more days I was bent over the toilet than not.  Luckily, I was doing emergency substitute teaching at this time so I was able to make my own schedule, which unfortunately included many days of not working.

I had heard that with pregnancy I would have cravings and aversions to certain foods.  I can honestly (not proudly) say that in the first trimester I could count on one hand how many times I ate vegetables.  I felt awful because I really wanted to grow a healthy baby and I figured eating healthy was the best way to do so, but let’s get real, eating something is better than nothing right?!  Baby was grown with mac and cheese, broccoli and cheddar soup, and burgers in the first trimester.  Yes, I did have other meals but generally speaking if it was brown and full of fat and carbs, it had my name written all over it.  Thank goodness for prenatal vitamins.

As for cravings, I didn’t have any strong cravings for things I thought I would like ice cream or donuts, but let me tell you, I did have a strong craving for beef ribs!  Lucky for me, Nick and I took a trip to see my parents and my dad made THE BEST ribs ever.  It was delicious and just what Baby wanted. Also, I wouldn’t necessarily consider it a craving, but I ate an impressive amount of Tums in that first trimester.  I’m talking, I went through probably two or three bottles of extra strength Tums.  It’s good for my bones right?

Nick and I watched countless hours of movies in those first 13 weeks.  For instance, we watched the entire Harry Potter series in a matter of a week (maybe less).  We watched The 10th Kingdom, which as a kid would take my family at least a week or two to finish, in, I believe, four days.  My point, we went from being a couple that would go to the gym together to a couple that sat on the couch and watched an absurd amount of movies.  Gotta do what you gotta do I guess.

As I mentioned above, we rarely went to the gym.  I always told myself that I would be super active during pregnancy and work out because it would be good for the baby.  I had a lot of ideas of how thing would be during pregnancy, it was difficult for me to have a completely different experience than what I expected, but I am thankful that I have learned to let expectations go.  In the first trimester, I went on a few walks when I felt up to it and Nick and I lifted weights a handful of times.  I count that as a win.

I didn’t experience many body changes in the first trimester other than the fact that my boobs were bigger than ever!  Shirts that were once completely appropriate were now showing off my new rack to a point I felt uncomfortable.  Let it be noted though, I am pretty private when it comes to showing the goods off, so no, I was not looking like a stripper at any point.

All in all, the first trimester was nothing like I had ever expected it would be, but that all made a little more sense after my first OB appointment.

Here is the first bump picture we took. *I didn’t intend to share these so don’t mind that I didn’t get dolled up.

12 weeks

2 thoughts on “The First Trimester Recap Weeks 0-13

  1. You know, I only had one baby and my experience in the first trimester sounds somewhat similar. My all-day sickness put me lying in bed or our hammock and groaning for Adrian to just make me something to eat–anything!–but when it was done, no…not THAT! I only actually puked about 6 or 8 times though, so I guess I was lucky there. I’m thinking a huge distinction will be during those last couple weeks. Sleeping at night was hard enough with one baby making my back hurt…God bless your vertebrae. It will soon be over! 🙂 I’m really looking forward to the photos.


    1. I seriously feel for you with the all-day sickness. No fun at all!
      As I’m getting into these last weeks, I can assure you sleeping is not easy haha I’m just taking it as getting ready for the sleepless night that will soon ensue.


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