Our First Appointment

Back in college I watched The Business of Being Born, a documentary about the medicalization of childbirth in the United States.  I had already thought that I would prefer a midwife over an OB/GYN for the birth of my children and this documentary furthered that belief.  When I found out I was pregnant I began to research all about midwives in the area, who I was covered with through my insurance and such.  I found a small midwifery clinic and decided I would make an appointment with them.

May 28th, about 8 or 9 weeks into my pregnancy, Nick and I went to our first appointment.  From the moment we pulled up to the place both Nick and I felt rather uncomfortable.  Neither of us could put our finger on it, but something just did not feel right about the whole thing.  I tried my best to have an open mind, but I couldn’t shake the uneasy feeling I had in my gut.

We were given a tour of the clinic, they confirmed that I was in fact pregnant, and we were able to hear the heartbeat of our little nugget.  Hearing the heartbeat for the first time was unreal.  I got tears in my eyes because for the first time I could hear the proof that I was carrying our child.

After the appointment, Nick and I agreed that we were not going to return to this midwife office.  Nick had never been a huge proponent of the midwife idea, but he knew how important that was to me so he went along with my wishes (I know, I’m lucky to have him).  One of Nick’s really good friends had worked under an OB in Portland during medical school and had really liked the guy.  Not being from the area I did not have any personal recommendations for a midwife or OB so Nick and I decided we would try out the doctor his friend worked with.

When I got home from the appointment, I put all my disappointment aside and put my faith in the idea of the OB.  I was nervous that maybe my insurance wouldn’t cover him, or he was no longer accepting patients, but I knew the only way to know was to call and ask.  I called and the lady on the other end was so cheerful and congratulated me on the pregnancy (I was already feeling so much better about this).  Then she told me they DO accept my insurance and he IS still taking patients delivering in late December!  The relief I felt was much needed after the terrible experience of earlier that day.  I scheduled an appointment for June 12th.  When I got off the phone I cried a little because I felt so relieved and I thanked God for helping it all work out.  I was so ready for our first appointment do-over.


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